Monday, December 6, 2010

New Video! "These Hands" from my new album "Let's Celebrate With Blood"

The album is at the printers right now getting all printed up, I got a CD release show booked at CBTG's for January 1st and I'll somehow get my band, who haven't played together in almost a year, on the stage playing with me. I am excited!
So to hopefully get some other people excited I'm gonna release a music video every Monday for the next three weeks until I have to leave Kingston and do some Christmas stuff.
This here is the first of the three, a video I made for the song "These Hands" off the upcoming album.  The video is the first time I tried any kind of lip syncing, I thought it would be interesting to take all the different takes and layer them over top one another and then find an effect that would make the differences between them really pop out and become dynamic. The end product is a little ridiculous and my Bono poses might give people the wrong idea about me (or maybe the right idea!) but I think it does a pretty good job bringing out the mood of the song.
Anyway, next weeks video is way stranger, and loads more labour intensive. Stayed tuned!