Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Stands Your Lover - Another new video by me!

I have a weird way or procrastinating where if there's a project that should be taking priority over other things (let's say it's a short film project you have about 25% finished and promised everyone would be done by May) and I find myself not wanting to work on it for some reason I end up doing every other project I can think of. I guess that's not really a weird way of procrastinating, more like the definition of normal procrastination. Anyway, I made this video instead of working on my movie (or finding a job or doing my taxes) it's a dark and moody performance piece for a dark and moody song from my still new "Let's Celebrate With Blood" album. This came together a lot easier then I thought it would. 
My original idea was to do a really fuzzy experimental piece. It would start with a simple lip sync that I would edit it into a sorta finished piece, I would then point the camera at the monitor and re-film the initial edit and then dump the re-filmed version onto the computer and then film that version and repeat the process x amount of times. I was then gonna layer all the re-filmed videos on top of each other until it made an interesting mess of computer screen textures and hazey feedback, but when I tried it I realized it wasn't gonna give me the effect I wanted. So I went with just one of the layers (it was re-filmed four times) which I placed over top the original lip sync and carefully moved it around and scaled it to fit the composition from scene to scene. Since the song is about a car crash and a drunk driver I then layered in some footage I had lying around that I took from the window of a Megabus ride I took from Toronto a couple months ago. All in all I think it's one of the better looking videos I've made which is pretty good considering all it took was a camera, a flashlight, a dark room and bottle of red face paint. 
I've been spreading around the youtube version but I think I'll put the vimeo version up on the blog since I think the vimeo compressors did a nicer job on it and youtube's view counters seem to be all fucked up and not giving me accurate numbers lately. It's hard to get people to watch your videos when they think that nobody is watching your videos. People are dicks like that. Anyway, enough of that petty bickering, here's the video, enjoy!