Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sad Tax

New name THE SAD TAX it's the new thing I'm doing. It's a lot like the last thing only a little less.
62 minutes, pretty experimental, maybe a bit more focused on mood and a bit more song based then SUPERGOD!. I think of it as a transitional album, I guess. What I'm transitioning to I'll leave that up to your imagination.
It's listed on bandcamp as "name your price" which means you can pay nothing for it if you are inclined to being a cheap bastard. I would recommend downloading it from bandcamp because when you stream it off the web player you miss out on how awesome the track transitions and segues work and each track has it's own special artwork. And I learned some basics on Blender to do the album art and I have to say without a doubt it's my favourite part of the project.
Anyway, giver a listen. I think it works really well as an album listening experience as opposed to an individual track experience. So clear an hour off your schedule and wrap your ears around The Sad Tax "Red Pearl Mountain"!