Saturday, February 28, 2009

SUPERGOD!!! Rabid Peripheral Mermaid

Okay, so I warned everyone when I started this that entries would be sporadic at best because I'm a busy man who has better things to do with his time then blog about any old thing everyday. Speaking about side projects (was I?) for the last 28 days I've been working on my RPM challenge album "SUPERGOD!!! Rabid Peripheral Mermaid" I have it uploaded on the RPM website ready to be streamed by you frothing at mouth public types. I think it turned out pretty good if you're familiar with my previous SUPERGOD! material (this will be my fourth SUPERGOD! release) it's pretty much in the same vein of audio fuckery and loopy shinanigans. I'm going down to Fred's Records tomorrow give them a few copies. Anyway, it was fun, I might make a couple of videos for it, and maybe in the next few weeks I'll start going to shows again and start this here videography project back up. Tell me what you think if you have any thoughts on it at all.