Monday, February 2, 2009


Last Friday I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with up and coming epic instrumental rock force "Surgeon". The band features Steve Cowan (you can see him in action if you check out the AE Bridger entry down below), Phil Maloney, Josh Ward, Andrew Wicks. This was only their third (fourth?) show but the by's are tighter then something really obscene. They got some freaky techniques and I can tell they take it seriously. Anyway, I don't know the name of this song but it's pretty deadly, enjoy!

I took a couple of videos of them but the bass on the other one completely overpowered the microphone and there were a ton of people in the way. I might put it up anyway if I get around to it. Oh, and I'm gonna make sure the next video I take will be at a place other then CBTG's. It couldn't really be helped this weekend since I played there three times in a row. I wanted to take a video of Dan Ficken or "The Mudflowers" from Saturday night but my batteries ran out and I forgot to bring new ones. It was the first time I'd seen The Mudflowers and I have to say they are a lot of fun, I highly recommend checking them out, also they are friggin' adorable so I know my youtube views would soar. Anyway, hopefully my ears will stop ringing sometime soon and I can get some more work done.