Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Errand Boy Videos.

Brian Williams of The Seattle Study directed two videos for local laptop genius Errand Boy and I think they are probably the best looking locally produced videos I've seen in a long while. They are simple visual ideas but are just so nicely realized, and no other local artist makes music better suited for lush video treatments then Errand Boy.

Errand Boy actually has a lot of good videos, but the rest rely on manipulation of old stock footage and found public domain clips. I have nothing against this approach, I just wanted to display the excellent photography done in the two above videos first. Of his other videos this is my favorite, for the song "Grindcore She Wrote" it was made to be projected behind the band during live shows but works on it's own just as well.

Thanks to The Product of Newfoundland blog for alerting me to these.