Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colonel Craze and Mark Bragg

I try not to be this tardy when putting up videos. but to today I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on a pile of footage I took on the weekend before last. Since I got hold of my girlfriends fancy Edirol recording devise I've been thinking it might be nice to go back and record some of the bands I've previously posted about. Colonel Craze and The Hunch are pretty much my favorite band going right now. The weekend before last they played a big show opening for Mark Bragg and the Butchers at the Rockhouse. The show was deadly. The Rockhouse has a tendency to sound like a cafeteria if there isn't a packed crowd but Colonel Craze make it work.
Here's "Hard Hat Opportunity" from that show:

And here's the very politically correct song "Nice Day For A Rape" (Don't worry I'm pretty sure Andrew Waterman probably doesn't support or promote Rape directly)

Then it was Mark Bragg and his latest incarnation of The Butchers. Now, I've always been a bit take-him-or-leave-him with regard to Mark Bragg in the past, I've generally liked him, but found his live shows kinda ungainly and all over the place. But this new formation of the band has been stripped down to a tight little four piece (including Bragg) of young guys who don't overcrowd Mark's loquacious compositions with needless baggage. Brad Power was channeling some awesome Marc Ribot tones and I don't think I've ever seen him play more fluidly, and Victor was playing Trombone!!! unfortunately my camera batteries died before I could capture Vic on the horn. But here's "Plans For The Boys" for your viewing pleasure.