Friday, May 22, 2009

Sound Symposium Presents: Justin Haynes, Ryan Driver, Jean Martin, Bill Brennan

Last night I caught a really fun concert being put on by the Sound symposium organization. It featured Justin Haynes (who is the most skilled ukulele player I have ever seen), Bill Brennan on melodica, Jean Martin on suitcase with brushes and show stopper Ryan Driver playing a steel street sweeper bristle

with a box and a contact mic as a bass. This was truly something, the fact that he could articulate the notes so well with such a tiny piece of steel and the fact he could make it sound so much like a stand-up bass was crazy. But in advantage to just mimicking an acoustic bass sound he could get all the crazy buzzed out farty noises you'd expect from a contact mic'ed steel sprig. Funtimes. The set started with just the three piece of Justin, Ryan and Jean.

And in the second sert Bill Brennan joined in.

The Sound Symposium is one of the most interesting events this city has. To find out more about it go to