Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kill Popoff

Thursday night I was itching to go out so I went to watch my friend (and drummer's) band Kill Popoff play down at CBTG's. They were kinda annoyed about having to play last and when their time did come they got experimental with the stage set up and ended up putting the drums on the floor in front of the stage facing the stage. Weirdly enough it seemed to work really well! it gave the band more room to thrash around, bands always play better when you can look the drummer in the eye, the drums certainly didn't get buried in the mix this time and it gave me an interesting angle to film them. It was a really good set, Devon Milley is a riff machine. I'm the only guitarist in my band but I'm the shittiest guitarist of the three of us. Of course it's no fun to play in a band with musicians who aren't better then you. Anyway, here are my two favorite Kill Popoff songs, this time you will notice no more lo-fi 8 bit crap audio, but new fancy schmancy sound provided by my new toy Edirol sound recorder thingy. I moving up in the world of videographing.