Friday, May 8, 2009

Patrick's foibles in the world of internet self-promotion

Lately this blog has turned ugly and started becoming a meager self-promotional soapbox instead of the insipid scenester rag I intended it to be. I will rectify this as soon as I feel undiseased enough to go outside and actually watch shows again. This flu I've had the last week and a bit has been ridiculous. In the meantime I'm gonna shove a big pile of Internet egotism and sales pitches at you all. I seem to have a problem obsessive compulsive disorder (a fairly common one nowadays) with creating profiles on new music sharing and social networking sites. I got the Myspace, other Myspace, Reverbnation, Garageband, Ilike, CBC Radio 3, Sonicbids, CLLCT, AMP Live, Facebook, Terminus 1525, RPM Challenge not to mention Tubemogul, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google, Saatchi and Flickr profiles (notice not twitter, that shit is worse then BRAINAIDS). Why does a man need so many profiles? Fucked if I know, But now I gotta new one at Bandcamp is a bit different from the other ones in that I can properly sell things there and control how it looks and is presented to the public. I have both the "Sex Lives of The Paralyzed" and "The Pervert" albums uploaded there and both can be streamed in their entirety from the website. For downloading the songs people have the choice of either download the 128 kbs mp3 files of the songs for free or paying a small fee and downloading the song or album in whatever higher quality format they prefer.
The thing I like about Bandcamp is that if anybody buys something from me there it goes directly to me and I see it instantly, not a month or two or three down the road like dealing with Amazon or shitty ol' Itunes. Dealing with those companies is a pain in the ass and it's not like they do anything to actually help promote me or sell my music. Fuck em'. So for the time being I want everybody who would like to support me to go to my Bandcamp profile and buy songs from there. They are cheaper for one, and better quality then the third party shit. Anyways, Cheers. Here's the Bandcamp widget thingy for streaming my album. have a good one. I might step outside if it's not too rainy .

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