Thursday, August 20, 2009

Download the First SUPERGOD! album for Free

On a whim today I started up a Mediafire account and decided to christen it with the first self-titled SUPERGOD! album I put out three years ago. It's a ridiculous 40 minute affair (all one continuous track) whose main purpose was for me to get to know my recording gear a bit better and work on some wacky ideas I'd been brewing for awhile. You'll here chanting inanities, random freak-outs, experimental drones, disconcerting atmospheres, Steve Reich-y experiments, some soul balladry, some Godspeed You Black Emporer rip-offery, lots of Residents rip-offery and much more.

I'll post up the next two SUPERGOD! albums shortly, as no one cares about those albums anymore so I might as well give them away for free.

Download it Here