Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hey folks who have kindly subscribed to this blog or just read this blog occasionally or just happened upon it by accident, I have news. These Stones are Meant for Throwing has now officially moved to The Scope's website! It now called "Throwing Stones At You" and from now on you will have to look there to continue to read my adventures of looking at bands in St John's and to read my reviews and such.
A couple of weeks ago Elling (head editor at the Scope) told me he was looking to provide more regular daily content on The Scope website, he said he enjoyed the silliness I do over here and wondered if wanted to do it over there. This is cool beans for me as it is a larger built in audience with more official status then this here cheap blogger rag. I just posted my first entry over there today, this one all about The Satans last show from the weekend past. The Satans were always at the top of my list of bands I wanted to cover here but could never get to their shows with the camera for some reason, so I'm really happy I could christen my new blog home with some videos of them.
So what are you going to do with this old place you might ask? Well I'm not going to delete it or anything foolish like that. This is still an important archive (for me at least) of bands I care about and I'll probably end up recycling a lot of this stuff for the new blog eventually (I have that much faith in my laziness). But in the meantime I'm thinking about other ways I could you use this blog space. I've always wanted to turn this into an album sharity blog for local releases, but I would want to make sure that the bands I post up would be cool with me spreading their albums around for free. That involves something I've always hated which is correspondence. Also I would have to get a mediafire account and crap. But I do have tons of out of print local releases that I'd love to talk about and share with people. If you're reading this and are in a band and like the idea of me sharing your albums at no profit to you other then extra people hearing it, tell me and I'll do it.
Other things I could use this old blog space for:
* Stupid youtube clips I find.
* Unsolicited opinions of popular culture.
* Unsolicited opinions of the arts
* Shameless self promotion
* Animated gifs
* Angry rants and troll baiting (you have no idea how much rage I suppress)
* Shameless reposting from other blogs
* More Shameless self promotion

Anyway, change is good. Or maybe it's not. Who knows? now there is more of it in different places. I'll be keeping busy in the meanwhile.