Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colonel Craze and The Hunch

Colonel Craze and The Hunch are easily one of the most exciting bands to watch in this city right now. Front man Andrew Waterman is one of the purest forms of Lunatic, just dripping adrenaline and James Brown Voodoo charisma. The band is tight but drunk and fierce as all hell. They got some rough mixes of their upcoming album posted on their myspace that has got me excited. Here are a couple crusty videos I've taken of them. and one video that somebody else put up that I'll share with you as well.

"Hard Hat Opportunity" someone else made this one..

"Pregnancy's a joke" This one I took and did some experimental hand stabilizing photoshop stuff to.

"One Eyed Horse" This is a particularily intoxicated performance I captured at a rare show at Junctions. Starts out strong, then ends up someplace else.