Friday, January 16, 2009

Geinus, Local Tough, Be Alright

Good Times were had last night at The Downstairs Mix-up. Steve Abbott knows how to host a party. I've set up a little tribute to Steve here with a video for each of the three bands in town that he fronts. Starting with a video I took last night of Geinus at CBTG's. I think it turned out pretty good. I embrace the crustiness of my girlfriend's primative digital camera and purposefully punch up the graininess when I'm editing the videos. Here is Geinus (Steve Abbott, Andrew Fisher, Alex Pierson) playing "Youth Obsession"

Here is my favorite brutal arseholes in town "Local Tough" (Steve Abbott, Andrew Fisher, Matt Wall, Anthony Brenton) rockin' out at the ship from a week or two ago. "Fecundate" is my favorite song of theirs, the violent jerky motion of this video is from my dancing/filming simultaneous techniques.

and here is the currently defunct "Be Alright" (Steve Abbott, Luke Power, Devon Milley) who were my favorite band in town for a long while. Here they are playing "There she was gone" at CBTG's again.