Friday, January 16, 2009

Night Music

Man was it cold last night! holy crap!. anyway, I had to play a show last night at CBTG's, which was fun and it went over pretty well, but it upset my usual routine which involves heading over to "Night Music" at the Ship (it's the third Thursday of every month). Night Music, for those of you who don't know, is the main venue for experimental and improvisational music in this city. There is a different host band every month (I'm hosting in March, Hoorah!) and in between set's there is an open stage where people in the audience can ask to go up and jam. It's always a blast and a half and over the course of this blog I'll probably end up sharing some of the Night Music recordings I have (I've got a decent collection). Anyway, I missed this month's band "King Andrews Bridge" which I was really curious about since it has Grant King (crazy jazzcat guitarist) and Curtis Andrews (who is the funnest drummer to jam with in this city) and I don't know the bassist Dave Bridger but if he's playing with those two he's probably really good. I missed that one, but I was at last months show with Brad Power, Matt Hender and Elliot Dicks hosting, which was pretty stellar. I think it was the first time they all played together so the night was nothing but tasty improv. Anyway, I took this video of the show, enjoy..