Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bluegrass at CBTG's (Darren Browne, Alison Corbett, John Dawe)

Fine local pickers Darren Browne and John Dawe host a bluegrass jam session down at CBTG's every wednesday. Me and my main accompanist Miss Alison Corbett were playing all the local open mics last wednesday as a way of rehearsing for our "Out Of The Fog" taping the next day (long story short, It was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable experiences I've ever had, I don't care if you have it taped off I never want to see it..) anyway, me and Al stopped into CBTG's to go over the songs once more. After we finished that Alison started showing off her new found Bluegrass skills in a few impromptu jams at the bar. It was good times I must say, I shall return there at the next opportunity. I caught a video of the event, enjoy.