Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Victor Lewis

Victor Lewis is my Hero. Victor with the help of his trusty 8 track recorder makes an album for every change of the season, and they are lush and beautiful. Really, you should go out and track them down, his gift for arrangements is quite astounding considering the limitations he works under. I've played bass for two of Victors bands "The Jim Jims" and "The Outfit" (basically the same band with a few different songs a one different member) and he's played bass (and guitar)in two of my bands "The Bookburners" and "Whatever-the-hell-I-end-up-naming-my-new-band" But I am not alone in my Victor Lewis experience Victor has been in many many bands in town, Trailercamp, Mudlarks, Hanging Horses, Cherie Pyne band, Mother Christie, The Corduroys, Jill Porter etc.. Victor's current main band KUJO is getting a good bit a attention and positive word of mouth in town, and it tickles me to death to see him out there actually rockin' out to his own material culled from his 17 or so albums. anyway, here are some videos of Victor I either took myself or shepherded from the internet. enjoy.

Here is the new one I took last weekend of KUJO at the ship. The video quality was pretty unwatchable so I got a little experimental with effects, I think it looks pretty neat.

Here is one of my favorite KUJO songs "Slumber Party" I snagged this video of them at CBTG's awhile back. check out Craig's backing vocals.

Here's Kujo at "The Rock house" playing "Silver Capsules" (I didn't take this one)

Here they are getting silly with a cover of Matt Spence's classic song (more on Matt Spence Later)"Eight Ball"

Here is The Outfit covering "Teenage Kicks". That's Victor's brother Pete on lead vocals (now in the army strangely enough). This was good times.

and I just found this one of Victor playing "I dreamt of Amy Winehouse". Thank you internet.