Monday, January 26, 2009

The "Last" Downstairs Mix-up

I've already been criticized on Blue Kaffee for not having enough videos of different venues and having too many videos of CBTG's and the Ship. I promise I will try to rectify this in the future but already I have to continue the trend and show a couple more videos of CBTG's. I'm playing there twice in a row this week, on Thursday I'm playing the "last" Thursday night Downstairs Mix-up and on Friday I'm opening for "Surgeon" (I'll try to take some vid's of that one). I'm not holding my breath about this being the last, since there has already been about 7 or 8 "Last" Downstairs Mix-ups. Steve Abbott can be a bit of a drama queen sometimes. But when he's not being a drama queen he's a pretty goddamn excellent guitarist. Here is a video I took from the Mix-up a few weeks ago of Abbott, Steve Ailward (on Drums), Christian Gagnon (on bass) and David Caines (usually a drummer, here on especially drunk vocals) all having a vicious psychedelic jam.

Here we got Cyril Sneer playing their new classic "No Balls" at the same mix-up I think.. I gotta take some more videos of the Sneer, it's one of my most popular videos on youtube, which is strange considering Cyril Sneer have basically no web presence at all. Derm has got secret fans all over the place..